I'm Natasha, an Artist living just outside Ottawa in the countryside.

I took me some time working as a Graphic Designer to figure out that my heart belongs in a messy art studio instead. Art has always been my language, and creating keeps me happy and grounded.

Forever growing and always changing as an Artist, I'm adapting and defining my path every day. Before COVID-19, all my work was client focused and I was consistently working on other’s visions including wall murals, window/glass murals, chalkboards, and other forms of signage and lettering. After some time, I realized that somewhere along the way I’d wandered away from my original path and purpose. I took advantage of the ‘time off’ during COVID-19 to fall in love all over again with painting; specifically with watercolour and oils. It gave me the opportunity to pursue this love of mine, and see that I could be successful doing so. Right now I feel like I'm in a transitional state, where a lot of my work centres around custom artwork, illustration, and murals; but where I'm also making more space for myself and personal projects. Growth and change is scary and messy but each day I feel I’m getting closer to that Artist I always thought I would be. I get super obsessed with the small details in my work and I pour my heart and intention into everything I create. Art is my passion, my career, my life, the only constant I know and to it I am completely dedicated.

Aside from being in my studio; I'm happiest when I'm outside, or exploring a new place I've never been. I appreciate nature's simplicity and raw beauty, always drawing inspiration from it for my work. I love all critters, the snow, the mountains, camping, and wide open spaces. I love astrology and journaling and take comfort in exploring the deepest corners of my own mind. My dream one day is to live in a cabin in the woods, or maybe to live on the road in my van, Sunny. I'm most inspired by people following their heart and trusting their intuition, and try to chase whatever it is my gut is telling me to follow.